“Shveta is very creative in her baking and all her goodies are made with love!” ~Maryke C.

“I love everything Shveta creates!! All of her treats are always made with tons of love, and they’re always absolutely delicious!” ~ Rahul B.

“I have ordered cake balls from Shveta on multiple occasions now. They are spectacular each time. Perfect size, and the flavor is the best I have tried. They were a huge success recently at my kids’ birthday party. Will order from her again!” ~Maria S.

“Shveta’s baked goods are always fresh and yummy! Her oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies are delish and one of my faves! Everything I’ve ever eaten makes me feel warm on the inside!” ~ Gia R.

“I had the opportunity to sample some of Shveta’s infamous chocolate chip cookies and I’m officially in love! They are just the perfect balance of gooey chocolate chips and soft (but not too soft) dough, the kind that just sort of melts in your mouth. I’m a fan and am ordering the cake balls for my friend’s birthday party this weekend! I am positive they will be just as delicious as the cookies!” ~Michelle B.

“If you are looking to satisfy your sweet craving, then you have come to the right spot. Not only are Shveta’s desserts mouth-watering, moist, fluffy, but they are so pleasing to look at that it’s even tempting not to take a bite! I have tried everything from her cookies, cupcakes, truffles, fudge, cake, brownies, cake balls, etc. They all are so YUMMY that it is hard to choose what my favorite is. Everything from the dessert itself to the icing and the decorations are created with perfection. If you want someone who will listen to what your needs and likes are and come up with top of the line dessert, then you have come to the right baker!” ~Kruti S.

“Ever read or seen the movie “Like Water for Chocolate?” The main character (a young, lively woman who LOVES to bake and cook) reminds me so much of Shveta. All of Shveta’s emotions pour into her goodies. You can bite into her cupcakes and literally feel the love and excitement exuding from her while she made them. It is wonderful!
Shveta is truly passionate about baking. She loves to see our mouths water, and she loves satisfied customers even more! I’ve had the pleasure of trying mostly all of her goodies and have never been disappointed. You won’t be either. :)” ~Antara P.

“I feel like one very lucky Choco-Latte customer because I had the chance to experience the “Whole Lotta Chocolate” cookies as well as the “Better than a Reese’s” peanut butter cup brownies. As soon as these delicious treats hit my lips, it tasted SO good! I was blown away by the amount of flavor and the moistness. You can sense the love that is baked into every single treat and I have to admit, I am hooked! Keep up the sweet work Choco-Latte because I will definitely be back for more … A lot more! :)” ~Payal S.

“So, I stayed on my diet last night and stayed away from the treats at the Oxidize open house last night so I could make good on my diet weigh in today…holiday weekend had done me in… So, I weighed in this morning (total lost = 10) and then begged Shveta for a Black Widow treat to taste… OMG – yeah, like to die for de-lish!!! Thanks!!!!!” ~Cindy T.

“Choco-latte is simply amazing. There are no other words to describe the fabulous treats that Shveta makes! I am having withdrawals from all her tasty treats! I cannot wait for the day that she starts shipping to other states! Miss your delicious treats :)”-Ritu P.

“When I asked Shveta to do my daughter’s birthday cake, I figured it would be good, but I wasn’t expecting it to be THAT good. Wow! My daughter is a big fan of Sofia the First, so for her 3rd birthday, she wanted a princess party. Shveta put together cake(s) fit for a princess. The main cake was a chocolate chocolate chip that received rave reviews–even from my mother-in-law, who considers hers to be the best chocolate cake out there. I was shocked to learn that it was vegan, as well. Never would have guessed. To satisfy the cravings of our non-chocolate-loving guests (yes, there really are THOSE people), Shveta baked vanilla cupcakes to accompany the chocolate cake. All were decorated in yummy butter cream frosting matching the lavender color of Princess Sofia’s gown. Kids and adults loved them. Several people commented on the wonderful simplicity of the decorations. I will ask Shveta to bake for all of our occasions from now on. P.S.-She also offers service with a smile. You can tell she loves what she can make happen with chocolate!”-Courtney W.